Thursday, April 26, 2007

And it starts...

Our realtor came over tonight. Papers are signed, pictures are taken, a sign is up in the front yard. It's official, we're putting the house on the market.

We've learned a great deal during this experience. Enough to know we're not up for it again any time soon.

But for now, I wonder how long I'll be able to maintain keeping EVERYTHING as clean as possible. Justin is on board for helping out, but Kaden just knows how to make a mess. *laugh*

Best case scenario - the first people to walk in the door love it, offer full price, and don't want to close for another two or three months. Here's hopin'...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In other news...

Justin's latest big news: he lost his first tooth! And he's also grown about an inch and a half since November. I'm hoping we're done with cooler weather, as his pants are getting mighty short.

Kaden's latest big news: he loves green beans! *laugh* He's really improving his table food skills. And he's cruisinig the furniture like a pro. Still not at the point where he can let go yet, but I'm totally okay with that!

In typical army fashion...

The army took longer than we thought to decide where we're going next. Turns out that Darrell was on assignment to two priority missions at the same time and a general somewhere had to choose which one took precedence over the other. Crazy.

In the end, we're headed back where we just came from, Fort Riley. There are the normal pros and cons of any assignment, but we'll try to focus on the pros as usual.

So now we try to sell the house. We're meeting with the realtor on Thursday to take pictures and get it listed. Here's hoping it sells quickly, but not TOO quickly. While we're not sure when we'll be moving, we DO know it won't be until late summer.