Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not much going on to write about...

Days are flying by. Not much significant to write about here, so I haven't. Figured it was time for an update.

Darrell has been gone for over a month now. He's been able to send very short, almost daily emails. I'll take it. I haven't gotten a call since he got to his final duty location, so I have no idea how often he'll be able to use a phone. I DO have an address, so email me if you'd like it and I'll pass it on.

I've been incredibly busy at work/school. The flu is making its rounds through the student population, and I've had to schedule make-up sessions like mad to keep all of my students caught up. So far, I'VE managed to avoid it all personally. The department is doing interviews right now, for two tenure-track positions. Lots of pizza lunches and afternoon seminars to attend - we're interviewing six and are only one into it all so far. Because of this, my thesis proposal 'deadline' has been pushed off to early March. I REALLY need to get that thing done!

Justin is sick, but thankfully it's not the flu. Went to the ER this morning (he always gets sick on the weekends...) to rule out strep throat and an ear infection. While he doesn't have either of those, he DOES have a very sore throat. Dinner was a chocolate shake tonight. *laugh*

Kaden is also sick, but thankfully it's not the flue. Went to the ER this morning to rule out the flu. The doctor did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. While he said there WAS a little cloudiness, it's not pneumonia. He's had an on-and-off fever, runny nose, doesn't really want to eat, and a yucky sounding cough, but is in remarkable spirits considering.

The cats are okay. Probably need to take the new one to the vet to get checked out. She stinks more than she should and has an odd dry skin patch on one of her ears. She's getting along just fine with Cammi now, thank goodness. I'm still not sure if Cammi likes having a companion, but she'll have to deal. They do spend quite a bit of time playing together, so I'm guessing she's mostly okay with it.

We've made the decision to move in July. My best friend's family got orders elsewhere, so we'll be moving into her house. The timing worked out too perfectly to ignore the possibility. It's a win-win. We don't have to worry about renewing a lease, and she gets renters she can count on. I'm guessing they'll probably try to sell the house when it's time for us to move out of it, but I'm hoping that by then, the housing market here in town will be a better time to sell. And even if not, they'll have a few more years of equity in the house. Plus whatever tax ramifications they get while renting it out.

Speaking of taxes, all I need left to file ours is our daycare provider's social security number. I feel uncomfortable asking for it, but we need it. We CAN file without it, but it's much more of a pain and we can't e-file that way. I can understand her reluctance to give it out, but at the same time, she could have applied for an EIN or whatever the alternative is called. I just need to bite the bullet and insist. No fun for either of us.

It's raining right now. At some point, it's going to change over to snow. I want spring. This is getting old...