Friday, December 15, 2006

Food, real food!

Kaden is finally eating 'real' food!! It started Tuesday night. He was in a chipper mood, I hadn't tried in a while, and I had some time. So, I mixed up a little rice cereal with some formula and gave it a try. For the first time, he didn't scream! I'm not sure if he liked it, but he wasn't screaming. And he was doing a great job of swallowing! By this time he'd eaten about half of what I'd prepared, so I mixed in some sweet potatoes to give some flavor now that he'd figured out how to swallow. He ate almost the whole thing!

The next day at daycare, he had almost a half cup of cereal and fruit mixed together. And on Thursday, he ate both breakfast and lunch. Wow, when he goes for it, he goes for it. *laugh* I haven't wanted to push THREE meals on him so fast, so I haven't tried again at home. I'll get the chance to see how far he's come on Saturday.

He's also working on crawling. By no means is he there yet, but he's starting to practice some of the pieces. He can also sit up by himself for a long time, although he still tips over here and there.

My little baby is growing up so fast!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

We have TEETH!

Kaden cut two teeth on Thursday. I'll try to get a picture, but it may take awhile. The bottom middle two teeth came in at the same time. Two days earlier he had his six-month well-baby check-up, where he got four shots. All of that in just two days and hardly a fuss!! He only had a minor fever for about a day and a half.

Speaking of Kaden's well-baby visit, he is now just shy of nineteen pounds (75th percentile), is 26 inches tall (50th percentile), and has a head circumference of 44.5 cm.

I'm uploading a video of him now. Hopefully it'll link better than the last few have gone...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lots of new pictures of the boys. Check out the links on the right.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Didn't get that one, but...

So I didn't get the job I interviewed for. They gave it to the lady who'd been filling in after the previous person left.

However, there are at least two more openings that they're advertising for now. I've applied, and since my resume was selected last time, I'm guessing it will again. The job description is the same general description for all GS5s in the directorate. So I wait again.

I've heard through the grapevine that I did very well at the interview. That gives me hope for this next one. This is the first time I've ever NOT gotten a job I've interviewed for. I knew it would happen one day...

In other news -

My best friend is pregnant and found out today she's having a GIRL! I (half-jokingly) told her that we need to hook up her daughter and Kaden so she and I can be in-laws. *laugh* Wouldn't that be cool? :) No arguing over where to spend the holidays; we can just do it all together.

Still no definite news regarding our follow-on assignment location. It's likely Lewis, but not definitely. And we probably won't know for sure until May. Ugh. That's too far away for a planner like me. *sigh*