Saturday, June 30, 2007

We have a contract on the house!!

We have a contract on the house!!!

Three days ago, I got a call from our realtor, John. He said there's a guy interested in our house. On their way out our front door, he was on the phone with his realtor (at home with a sick child), telling him to write up the offer. John called us later that night with the news.

Their initial offer netted us a profit of $133. Darrell and I laughed, because since the day we bought the house, we repeatedly said that as long as we don't have to pay at closing, we'll be happy. This was about as even as you can get in real estate! *laugh* We knew it'd be tough, selling the house only two years after buying it.

We countered. Got a call back not even six hours later; they accepted!!

It's almost too good to be true. Closing is in late July. Our lease on our rental house in Kansas starts August 1st. The boys, the cat, and I will leave South Carolina as the ink is drying on closing day. We'll get to Kansas two or three days later, spend a few nights in my friend Sam's house, get the keys to the house on the 1st, and hopefully have transportation drop off our furniture on the 2nd!

This is perfect. It leaves me plenty of time to train up someone to replace me at work. Justin and Kaden can stay at daycare/summer camp up through closing. Kaden's lead teacher is trying so hard to get him to walk so that she can see it before we leave. A month might be just enough time to make that happen.

We'll have about two weeks in Kansas before school starts to settle in, unpack, and make the rental house our home.The only rough part will be the two weeks between the moving folks picking up our stuff on the 12th and when we leave on the 27th. *laugh* We'll be living on air mattresses, eating on paper plates, and running to the laundromat. It'll be an adventure. We had to make the appointment with the movers a month ago, knowing we couldn't change it.

I am THRILLED at how well it's worked out. The house was on the market for two months - not too bad! It had the potential to be a mess, since there are new housing areas all over town. We had no idea how long the house might be on the market. Our closest competition, a similar size and style house, just in the next neighborhood over from ours, has been listed for over 250 days now. That made us very nervous. Most houses in our area are lots bigger, two floors, one or two extra bedrooms, etc...