Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trying something a little different

I realized recently that I hadn't updated Justin's picture page in quite some time. While I was uploading some photos, Yahoo popped something up on the screen, something about this Yahoo 360 thing. I figured I'd give it a try.

I think I like it. I'm hoping you do as well. And I'm certainly hoping to be more timely in updating it than I have been. One of the main reasons I'll have for doing so is the new additions we have to our family. Not only do we have two new pets (Cammi and Ranger), but we also have a new baby coming!! I plan on keeping a photo record of his life as I did with Justin. It's hard having family so far away, but this way my friends and family can almost watch him grow up in real time.

So, add this page to your bookmarks. I'll make a shortcut of it to my desktop so I'll see it often and update you as to our family happenings.


In more specific news, we found out a few days ago that we're having a boy! About a month ago, the OB thought it was a girl, as we couldn't find the necessary boy parts on the ultrasound. However, since we didn't really see girl parts either, I was hesitant to believe in his guess. I'm glad I didn't, or I would have run out and gotten a bunch of girl stuff.

This time, the evidence was quite clear. Check out the photo section for the little one's ultrasounds and you'll see what I mean (I have a feeling he's not going to be too happy finding out years from now that I put his little boy parts out there for the world to see *laugh* )...

Justin is thrilled to be having a little brother. He talks about the baby often. He's very excited.

Since I had a c-section last time, I'll be having one again this time around, currently scheduled for May 24th. The hospital that I will be delivering at (only a mile or so from my house) doesn't do VBACs. The great part about that is that I can plan! And I love to plan. Darrell will be taking about 10 days of leave when he's born. My mom will be coming for about a week towards the end of Darrell's leave.

While I'm not really looking forward to another c-section recovery, I love knowing that this baby won't be as overdue as Justin was. In fact, with the surgery scheduled for 38 weeks, this pregnancy will be a MONTH shorter than my first one was. I'm very happy about that, as my pregnancy with Justin was mostly a breeze until those last few weeks when I just could not get comfortable. Looks like I might be able to avoid the worst of it this time. Here's hoping anyway.

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