Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A surprise at work

I got quite a surprise yesterday. I was named Fort Jackson Garrison Hero by the garrison commander, Colonel Stevens. I've never even heard of such a thing before, but now I am one. :)

I can't help by think of the kids' show Higglytown Heroes. The premise is that anyone in town can be a hero, depending on what talents and skills that person has and how he or she helps other people. I suppose I'm a paperwork hero?

I'm completely stumped at how I got on the GC's radar. Yes, I've done a couple of things at work to get local notice (worked two jobs for two months before Christmas while the section was shorthanded and was awarded employee of the quarter about five months ago), but neither of those things are that big of a deal to get recognition by the garrison commander. *shrug*

In any case, I'll take it. It'll certainly look good on the ol' resume. And if my son wants to think of me as a Higglytown Hero, who am I to complain?

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