Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas snuck up on me this year

It's all the ice storm's fault...

A few days ago, someone made a passing comment about Christmas being only a week away. Whoa! How'd that happen!

I know how it happened. My last day of classes was followed by my finals and due dates for semester projects. I had every intention of getting to 'Christmas preparations' after that, but then we got slammed by ice and snow. We were lucky and managed to avoid the worst of it, but because the rest of my friends, and frankly the rest of town, weren't as lucky, we had lots of visitors over the next few days. Throw in an impromptu trip to KC and all preparation got shoved back a week.

BUT, after a very minimum of stress and a whole lot of kid-free shopping (ah, bliss!), I can announce that Christmas may now come!

We're driving down to my aunt's house tomorrow. Here's hoping the next round of wintery weather holds off long enough for us to get there...

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