Saturday, December 29, 2007

What are the odds?

Read this for a good chuckle.


  1. Sweet. That dude must be feeling down on his luck.

  2. Wow, people surprise me sometimes. well how are things going in KS? IL is fine I guess. Kris and I started school today, I'm in my computer class right now and since it's the beginning of the semester there isn't a whole lot to do. so far i like my classes: Algebra 2 is good, and Honors Physics seems better than last semester. Comp concepts seems like it is going to be easy, the teacher is my coach's husband. He seems cool. American Studies is at 11:15-1:40 UGH!! Then Astronomy. My Astronomy teacher is the same teacher as my Honors Physics teacher. We'll see how it goes. we did a lab in physics that was so easy it shouldn't be called honors. and Algebra Mrs. V gave us two open ended questions that she didn't have the answers for. After working on the problem for a while she finally admitted the questions were a lot harder than what she thought. DUE TOMORROW!

    What is the sum of the digits in all the integers between 1 and 2008?

    What is the sum of the squares of the digits in all the integers between 1 and 2008 inclusive?

    well i have no idea....

    I hope that Kaden likes his presents he was really hard to shop for considering he's not very old...Justin was easy to shop for and fun. I think its wild how Carol and I bought Justin the same toys. the EXACT same pokemon. Weird...well anyway i better scoot ..the hardest class in the world starts in 15 minutes and i should probably get my notebook and highlighter ready...


    i hope you have a great day!!