Saturday, December 08, 2007

What's the point of gift cards?

Why do we bother buying gift cards? Why not use cash? Cash never expires. There's no fine print on the back that explains in tiny print that the value goes down if you don't use it within six months of receiving it. Why do we give a gift with limits? I'll give you fifty bucks, but you can ONLY spend it at Target, even though there's a really cool HDTV that you want to buy at Circuit City.

I've given lots of gift cards in the past, but I think in the future I'll stick with cash.

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  1. um plans well i have a meeting with the manager of Applebees in WR on tues. my friend Kara works there and said she would put in a good word for me. i aslo applied at Target, and thats it... i'm not quitting till im for sure that i have another job. but they know its coming. sarah called me last night and told me. i just bawled like a big baby. just because that was supposed to be my safe place, where i didnt have to worry about anything except work and i have absolutly no desire of wanting to be around 2 evil girls that took part in trying to ruin my life...i know what your thinking "stop exagerating." but it was really bad and i just dont want to put myself in that position again where im faced with the same heartless cruel people that made it the bigger problem that it was. mom said that i needed a differnt work enviornment so im looking for one...ohh...its been a rough week...i miss you guys... i could use a hug...