Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our 'old' TV isn't going to make it

What happened to those 'good old days' where electronics actually lasted a while?? I remember the big floor television from my growing up years - that thing lasted forever!

Darrell bought a TV around the time we got married. I think it was even BEFORE we got married. *laugh* So, about nine years ago. It's a Zenith, if I recall correctly. It's 27", a standard no-frills model.

The colors are all wonky. Usually when things start looking funny, I assume Kaden's been messing with the controls again. I've always been able to get it back to normal. This time, though, it's not working. The screen flashes, there are lines (both horizontal and vertical) across the screen, and the colors are all wonky. It's time for a new one.

There are too many options out there. I'm overwhelmed. Here's what we want:

- something that will survive a couple of moves (or not, see last post *ha!*)
- something that won't be obsolete over the next few years with the rapid changing technology
- something I don't have to mount on the wall, but has that option in case we end up buying our own place again
- something under $1000, although we'll go a little higher for quality

Darrell would like something 40" or larger; I'm thinking 37" is more than plenty considering the 27" set we have now works just fine. We're not planning to do anything super fancy with it, but who knows what we might want to do in the future. Our basic TV usage is kid's shows, sports games, and DVDs. Our living room is on the small side (which is why I'm leaning towards a smaller than 40" size - would it overwhelm the space?)

So, LCD or plasma? Or any of the other options out there? What brand? How big? *dizzy* Help a girl out here!!

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  1. Best Buy, here we come!!! All sorts of good no interest financing right now, if you pay it off within the 5 years or whatever.. I'll be coming over to you house to watch TV!! :-)