Friday, March 14, 2008


I've been so bad at updating this. Anyone still reading? (Was anyone reading in the first place?)

Anyway, I'm running my first official race tomorrow. I'm excited! However, the weather report is dismal. Luckily, the race doesn't start until after noon, as there's a chance of snow in the morning. By race time, that chance seems to be gone, but the temperature is still expected to only feel like 37 degrees.

*sigh* I thought I left the cold runs behind me when I got out of the army.

Still, I've signed up for this thing, so I'm going to do it, rain or shine. On the bright side, I figure I can blame my lousy time on the weather. (Yeah, the fact that I haven't really run in a MONTH might have something to do with that as well...)

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  1. I still read it :0) lil'sistah