Monday, May 19, 2008

Too long...

It's been way too long since I've updated here. My apologies. I know I don't have very many readers and I'm likely losing the few I DO have unless you have me on a feed reader. I'm finding it difficult to decide how much of what's going on I want the world to know about, and in response, I've decided by not deciding, and thus not posting.

Anyway, my semester from hell is OVER!! While it wasn't more than I could handle, it was about as much as I could handle. About two weeks left of the semester, I was sweating pretty hard, having to plan out every spare bit of time I had in order to get everything done. And it all did get done, so it worked. But I certainly don't want to do anything like that again.

Next semester should be much easier. I will have the same teaching load, but it'll be easier because I won't have to prep so much. I'll have a MUCH smaller class load, as I'm only taking one scheduled class and another appointment class. Plus, I don't have any education classes, which means no time spent in any other classrooms or working on massive lesson planning projects.

My intention is to work on my thesis this summer and defend early in the fall. Best case scenario puts me defending in early September. Both boys will be busy with summer activities, leaving me plenty of alone time to get it all done. I have all of my data, just need to analyze it all and figure out what it all means. I am teaching one class this summer, but only in June, and only for two hours a day. Plenty of time left for number crunching or library research.

The boys are doing great. I have a bunch of new pictures I need to upload. I should get to that today or tomorrow. Kaden is learning new words (thank goodness!) and Justin is almost done with 2nd grade (already?!)

Darrell is super busy, but things have settled down into a routine, so he is pretty happy with the way things are going.

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