Sunday, April 05, 2009

A new kind of anxiety...

I emailed the first full draft of my thesis to my advisor on Friday.  She sent me a reply soon after, saying she'd look at it and get comments back the next day.

I hovered near my laptop all day yesterday.  No comments.

This morning, I emailed back: "Is it so bad that you're still writing comments?"  She replied that she's still looking through it and she'd respond in a few hours.

Those hours have come and gone...

This is an entirely new kind of anxiety for me.  Having never done this before, having no rubric (so to speak) on how to write up a thesis for this particular project, I have no idea if what I've written is even the ballpark with 'good enough'.

Is it just needing a bit of tweaking?  Does it need to be overhauled?  Do I need to delve into the statistics a bit more (please no!  I've had number nightmares for weeks now!)??

Please, just let me know.  The waiting sucks.

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