Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why...? Was it worth it?

I'm about as anti-NRA as a sane, rational person can be. Read this:

May 24th, 2009
Two killed in Arizona standoff
Posted: 05:32 AM ET
(CNN) — Two people were fatally shot and another five injured — including a police officer — during a standoff Sunday at a home in Arizona, authorities said.

The multiple shooting in Mesa occurred when a man got into an altercation during a graduation party, said Sgt. Ed Wessing, a spokesman for the Mesa Police Department.

Authorities did not immediately say what led to the altercation.

The suspect went to his car, got a gun and shot two people dead on the front lawn, Wessing said.

Police were eventually able to persuade him to leave the house and give himself up, Wessing said.

The injured included a 10-year-old who suffered a grazing wound to the head. The suspect also fired at police who arrived at the scene. One officer was shot in the arm, Wessing said.

All five suffered minor injuries, he said.

Mesa is a suburb of Phoenix, the capital.

^ — CNN’s Sara Pratley contributed to this report.

So rather than just haul off and punch the guy (which I don't condone, but it's better than what happened), he went to his car and got his gun. Killed two people over an argument. About what? Was it worth spending years in prison to be right?

I know it's too late for this country (in that changing the laws won't remove guns from our society), but I'd be lying if I said I never thought about moving somewhere else with stricter gun laws.

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