Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm a professor again!

Passed my online training courses and just heard from my program chair - I'll be starting a Physical Geology (and lab) class in late January! I've missed teaching.

Studies the materials of the earth, its structure, surface features and the geologic processes involved in its development. This course includes laboratory experience.
1. Recognize and appreciate the vastness of geological time and illustrate this by example and/or metaphor.
2. Recognize and classify the common minerals and rocks by their observable characteristics.
3. Locate and identify geologic features using topographic and/or geologic maps.
4. Discuss the origin of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks and recognize landforms associated with each.
5. Understand the weathering processes involved in the transition from bedrock to soil and sediment.
6. Discuss the processes involved in the formation of sedimentary rocks and relate them to modern and ancient depositional environments.
7. Understand the agents and processes of metamorphism and relate these to the various metamorphic rocks.
8. Analyze the causes and effects of earthquakes and relate seismology to the structure of the earth.
9. Describe the hydrological cycle and relate this concept to both the surface and subsurface waters.
10. Discuss the mechanics of Earth`s waters (e.g., running water, waves, tides and currents, groundwater), mass wasting, wind and glacial ice and relate these agents and processes to the origin of landforms.
11. Classify folds, faults, and mountains and discuss their origin.
12. Discuss the basic lines of evidence for continental drift, sea floor spreading, and plate tectonics.
13. Discuss the characteristics of plate boundaries and heat plumes and their relationships to earthquakes, volcanic and mountain building activities.
14. Read, analyze and apply written material to new situations.
15. Write and speak clearly and logically in presentations and essays.
16. Demonstrate the ability to select and apply contemporary forms of technology to solve problems or compile information.

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