Saturday, December 10, 2011

Woo hooo!

Darrell's name is on the list!  And in the top 25%, so he should be promoted before summer.  No idea what that means yet regarding his next assignment.  Branch says they won't talk to him until his sequence number is called and he actually pins on the new rank.  (Velcros on the new rank?)  AND, my best friend's husband made the list too!  (Hi Dave!)

In other news, now that I'm working at the VA, I have more of a reason to pay attention to the Army-Navy game.  Sure, I'm an Army vet, but I didn't attend West Point.  I care more about my own alma mater (Kansas State) than West Point.  There's quite a bit of friendly service rivalry at the VA, as you can imagine...  It's 14-14 at the half, not bad!

ETA: Ah, so "we" lost.  Bummer, but at least this year it was a close game.

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