Sunday, December 09, 2012

Free Kindle books - list of blogs

I love to read.  I love my Kindle.  And until I started running across blogs filled with free books, I spent a lot of money.  Now, however, almost everything I read is free.  Sure, many of what I read is the first book of a series, and occasionally I enjoy book #1 enough to buy the rest of them.  I'm okay with that - Amazon and the authors won't keep writing and publishing if the readers don't spend money.  I'm willing to do my part.  I have hundreds of books on my Kindle that I haven't read yet, but I still check every day or three for new ones.  What if I miss something awesome?  Can't help myself...  I'll be totally set for the drive to California!

Here are the blogs I check regularly:

eReader News Today
Pixel of Ink
Free Kindle Books and Tips
Hundred Zeros

And others that I've found, but haven't added to my rounds (yet):
eBooks Habit
Kindle Book List

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  1. All of your regulars are mine to in addition to BookBub as that one directly emails me. I will have to check out the others! Thanks sis!!! - Cindy