Saturday, December 15, 2012

Housing options - it's a win/win

We're hoping to live on post.  From what I understand, we have two basic options - either an older remodeled duplex with a bit more space between buildings and more centrally located on post, or an almost new fourplex that's more tightly packed and not as centrally located but has more modern floor plan.  There are more floor plans than these, but I believe they're fairly representative of our options.

Newer style:

Older style:

We've requested the older style, but in all actuality our request means nothing.  We'll get what we get, and we won't throw a fit.  Either way, I'm okay with it.  The older homes are zoned for the elementary school I prefer and I'd rather have a bit more elbow room between us and our neighbors, but I like the kitchen and master bedroom better in the newer floor plan.  Nothing to do but wait to see what we're offered...

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