Saturday, January 05, 2013

Road Trip!! Eleven days, three thousand miles. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Ok, the plan...   We'll be at the mercy of the weather, but hopefully it'll go something like this...

  • Leave PA on Friday, February 15th.  About ten hours later, arrive in St. Louis, probably stopping at Pantera's on the way.
  • Spend Saturday the 16th in St. Louis.  [Note to self - D's driver's license]
  • Sunday the 17th is Justin's 1/2 birthday!  Leave late morning, catching lunch at HuHot on the way out.  Arrive in Manhattan in time for La Fiesta for dinner.  We'll stay at the birthday hotel (the Wienkes know *grin*) for the night.
  • Monday the 18th, drive seven hours to Colorado Springs.  Elephant Bar for dinner?
  • Spend Tuesday the 19th in Colorado Springs.  [Note to self - K's driver's license]
  • Then ugh, the two worst days.  Long 9-10 hours driving time, plus the Rockies, plus mid-February.  The 20th will be a nine hour drive to Salt Lake City; the 21st will bring us another ten hours to Suisun City.  Both will probably take us much longer than that.
  • Spend the 22nd in Suisun City, drive to Petaluma for the night.
  • Spend the 23rd in Petaluma, drive to Santa Cruz for the night.
  • Spend the 24th in Santa Cruz.  Might spend the night again - still working this out.
  • On Monday the 25th, drive up to SJC, pick up rental car.  Drive to Oakland, drop off the Rav4.  Drive to Aromas to spend the rest of the day/night.
  • Tuesday - airplane day! - Need to be at SJC at 7am to drop the car, check the bags, get through security, yada yada...

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I have even started the After Arrival Plan.  Too much going on between now and then!  I know I need to start, though, as the days are zooming!

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