Saturday, October 07, 2006

All alone...

Darrell went back to work yesterday. My mom went back home on Sunday. Monday was my first day on my own with my two boys. Luckily, it didn't go too badly. We had errands to run, and Kaden slept through most of them.

At home, it was a different story. Kaden still isn't too thrilled with being put down when he's awake. For the most part, Kaden is super easy to take care of. He just needs to do more long naps at night than during the day. We're working on it.

I can't believe he'll be three weeks old tomorrow! I'll get a few new pictures...

Justin is dealing very well with his little brother. There's only been one moment of typical sibling behavior. We'd gone to dinner and the waitress gushed over Kaden, without saying anything to/about Justin. He got a bit pouty. *laugh* Other than that, he's been awesome!

Originally posted: Tuesday June 13, 2006 - 12:10pm

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