Saturday, October 07, 2006

How did that happen so fast?

Today, Kaden is four months old. A third of a year. How did that happen already??

He was very smiley this morning, as you can see. He is almost always happy. Justin loves to play with him (sometimes a bit too rough, too loud, or too fast) and Kaden will just grin forever.

He's also starting to laugh. I dare any grumpy-pants out there to NOT smile when a child laughs.

Still no major attempt at rolling over, but he's gotten close-ish a couple of times. We're trying to encourage it by putting him down on the floor in such a way that he has to turn his head around to see us, thereby lifting up a side of his body.

He also still does not like tummy-time. He's pretty good at lifting up his head, but tires quickly and gets frustrated with it.

As always, I'm in no rush to see him grow up fast. I'm savoring every smile, giggle, and snooze.

Happy 1/3rd birthday, little one.

Originally posted: Sunday September 24, 2006 - 12:05pm

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