Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not a whole lot going on

Justin and I signed up for Cub Scouts Wednesday night. There are quite a few things about that organization that I don't like, but what it boils down to is Justin wants to do it and he'll have a good time. So I'm just setting aside my personal objections to BSA and participating for him. So far, his 'den' is a whopping total of four boys. They break the larger 'pack' into grade groups and only four first graders were there. I know of one other who will probably come, plus whoever wasn't able to come to the meeting last night. One of the four's parent had to volunteer to be den leader. Nope, nuh-uh. I'll participate, but I will not lead. I ended up getting nabbed for committee member. I can handle that.

Kaden is STILL having poo issues. It has to be at least five or so weeks now. Majorly loose. It's not a dehyrating diarreah, but looks more like breastfed baby poo. Only he's formula fed, so that's not a good thing. I got a call from the daycare around 2 to come pick him up. I can't bring him back until 24 hours after the diarreah is gone. Geez, that's not good, considering it's been going on for over a month. Monday and Tuesday of this week were the only days in a long time where he was back to normal. I thought he was getting over it until right in the middle of the boy scout meeting I heard a huge diaper explosion. Oh man, what a mess that was. And super duper stinky. So, I took him to the doctor. Only had to wait for about an hour in the urgent care clinic on post. I'm to bring in a stool sample so they can try to figure out what it is. Other than the poo, he's basically fine. He's got a tiny bit of runny nose/congestion and an icky cough, but no fever, no vomiting... The problem now? His poo went back to normal again. Hopefully it's not a 'problem' but him finally getting all the way better. Here's hoping!!

We have a new baby in the family!! My cousin's wife had a little bitty girl this week. I'm so excited for them.

I've been trying to take Kaden in for his first professional pictures. It seems like every time I have a good opportunity coming up, he scratches his face a day or two before. *sigh* He's got a whopper of a scratch on the side of his nose right now. I have no idea how, because I trimmed his nails extra carefully earlier this week in hopes I could take him today. I might try anyway, maybe we'll get a good one with his head just enough to the side to not see it. Maybe... Justin wants to go to McD's for lunch and we need to get him some new sandals since his current pair are falling apart (hope we can find sandals in September... This might be tough).

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