Saturday, October 07, 2006

A new ride!

We got a new car!

I traded in my trusty Huey Honda. I got Huey in October 1997. He was a great car and kept me and my family safe for many years. But, it was time for something newer and safer. So, welcome *unnamed* Toyota RAV4! I'm thinking he'll be named Tommy, but I need to live with him awhile first before giving him a name. *laugh*

He's awesome. My favorite gadget is dual climate control. Darrell can happily freeze on his side while I happily roast on my side. He also comes with safety features galore, something Huey didn't have. Not Huey's fault, he was born before most of these safety features were invented. And I now have a six-disk CD changer!! Huey had only cassette, and even that I had to have installed when I bought him.

It's nice sitting higher on the road. I love feeling safer while driving. And there is plenty of room inside for both boys as they grow.

Originally posted: Saturday July 1, 2006 - 02:53pm

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