Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nope. *sigh*

Well, the reigning spades champions are still reigning. We had to beat them twice since it was a double elimination tournament and they hadn't lost yet. We beat them once, then fell in the second game. I made a couple mistakes, but I can't decide if they cost us the whole thing or not. Whatever, what's done is done. It was fun, that's for sure.

Darrell has really been enjoying his week 'off.' He's been able to spend some time at the gym - something he always enjoys. He also got his army paperwork all caught up, making sure that what he's earned shows up on his personnel files/reports. He normally wouldn't have time for that during a cycle.

We bought Justin his first belt yesterday. He's in that lovely in-between stage; he's too big for toddler sizes, but too small for boys sizes. We figured out that he's a pants size 6-slim, but not too many styles carry that size. So we've been buying the size 6, using the internal pull-in tabs if they have them, and then now using a belt. He still needs a little help with the snaps - the boy is so strong in his arms and legs, but has little finger strength. I'm not sure how to work with that besides the snaps, something he just doesn't want to do... Suggestions? Some sort of game?

I also bought Kaden a few things. Most of the 3-6 months and 6-9 months clothes seem the same size if you hold one up against the other. Very frustrating, so I bought the 6-9 month stuff. He's fitting into 3-6 month clothing pretty well now. I still have a few 0-3 things that he can squeeze into, but not for long. He's growing up pretty fast, that's for sure!

I'm still not busy enough at work. I did have a bit to do this afternoon, but spent my time this morning trying to think of productive things to do. Why do I keep putting off talking to my supervisor?? For one thing, she's not very approachable, but I just need to get over that and speak with her. Sooner, rather than later or I'll lose my sanity.

(FYI - my spell check doesn't recognize Justin; it suggests Justine. And Kaden? It suggests kidney. Hahahahaha.)

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