Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturdays and Sundays

Darrell gets to experience a real Saturday and Sunday this weekend! We've kind of forgotten what those days are supposed to be like. :( He's on what's called "Victory Trail Break." Basically, it's a week off from soldiers. Wahoo! He has some classes and appointments and such to go to, but then gets this entire weekend off. I'm trying to come up with something to do or somewhere to go as a family.

In other news...

My work had an Organizational Day on Friday. Amongst other things - a spades tournament. I had planned to play with a co-worker as my partner, but he ditched out on me that morning. I ended up getting paired up with a retired sergeant major. Now if he's been in the army that long, you know he knows a thing or two about spades... The version they play here is basic - no nil, no blind bidding, nothing fancy. Just bids and bags. At the end of the day, three teams were still standing: us!, last year's winners, and another team. We're starting the playoffs tomorrow at lunch. Whoever wins tomorrow plays last year's champs on Thursday. They're currently undefeated (they beat us on a ten-for-two hand when we were only playing for 250 points; tough to come back from, that) so if the winner on Wednesday beats them on Thursday, the two teams have to play again. Here's hoping I'm playing on Thursday!! (I really miss playing cards...)

Kaden had a good weekend. Smiling just about the whole time. I tried to give him a little cereal to see what he'd do. He just looked at me, "what in the world is this yucky stuff??" Haha.

Justin got to make boats out of food yesterday at Cub Scouts. He was the only boy (of three in his den) that was wearing his uniform. He was so proud. I brought my camera, so I got a bunch of pictures and mini-movies of the boys and their boats. Next week we go to the library to learn about boats. (Can you sense the monthly theme here?)

I was busy today at work. I LOVE being busy at work. But I pretty much did everything pending today, which means I'll have little to nothing to do tomorrow. I really need to ask my boss for more to do...

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