Saturday, October 07, 2006

One step closer to a name for our little boy

While we haven't agreed to anything yet, we MIGHT have a first name for our little boy. We both like it and have been testing out middle names over the last day or so. Like I said, nothing is set in stone (or even wet sand), but we're getting closer!

Darrell spent much of the weekend painting our master bathroom a neato green color. Once the tape comes down, I'll take some pictures. Of course, it's not anywhere near the green of our current towels. In fact, they look absolutely terrible together. *laugh* We'll probably end up with white towels. They'll POP in there. We have white cabinets and trim with silver hardware, along with the now dark olivey (but not olivey) green walls. White towels will look sharp. My task for today is to window shop for towels and bathmats. There's a bathmat at Linens'n'Things that I saw online that just might work. I'll head over to the store and check it out. I found a 20% off coupon for online purchases, so if I like it, I'll head home and use the coupon to buy it. Gotta love technology!

Originally posted: Tuesday February 21, 2006 - 10:09am

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