Saturday, October 07, 2006


What's been going on... Hmmm.

Justin is having a blast in first grade. The first parent-teacher conferences are on Friday. This is good. The words Justin is to be working on in class are things like: is, that, on, a, the. The words Justin is reading at home are things like: fantastic, squiggly, scrumptious, clever. See the disconnect here?? Yeah. I got him a time and money workbook for fun (yes, my child likes to learn for fun! ) and he's zooming through it. It's a second grade workbook. He's brilliant. Hehe.

Kaden is smiling like CRAZY. Such a little happy boy! He's able to put his hands together now. And loves to chew on his fists. He'll shove a whole hand in there. Might be time to start thinking about cereal soon. I want to hold off until his 4-month well baby visit for that. He's able to reach and grab something. He loves to sit up, so I got him a bumbo seat. Check out this link to watch him in it. I love that thing!

Darrell has a new bunch of soldiers. This group is going to need a LOT of work. They had their first PT test yesterday and only one passed. Out of 40-ish soldiers, only a few others even came close. The rest are far, far behind. He's already noticed a couple of good soldiers-in-the-making, so that helps his morale level some.

I picked up a new responsibility at work while a co-worker is out for a few weeks. I now handle all the AWOL and DFR paperwork for trainees on post. Mwah-ah-ah! Actually, it's not that glamorous. But, I like being busy, so pile it on! I seriously wish I had about four times the work that I currently have. *sigh* I really need to talk to my boss about it. Now may be a good time, since another co-worker wasn't keeping up, so some of his responsibilities were portioned out to two of the other three ladies that do the same job I do. The fourth handles the airborne stuff. So now if I complain that I don't have enough to do, it's not like I'm saying the other ladies are slow. If you follow what I mean. That's why I hadn't brought it up before now. Nothing quite like the new girl saying the job is too easy, making the 'old timers' look bad.
So that's what's up with the family...

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