Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back to Korea. *sigh*

So, Darrell found out his next assignment. Korea.

Ever wanting a silver lining, at least it's not Iraq, right? (Yes, I know he might get deployed to Iraq from Korea, don't remind me, k?)

Estimated time of departure - sometime late summer '07.

Option A - The boys and I stay here (although I'll be looking for a new school for J if we choose this option).

Option B - We sell the house and move somewhere. This option gets tricky, as the army will only pay for us to move once - officially we can either move to the follow-on duty station when he leaves or when he comes back. We should know where that is likely to be in May-ish. But when he was there last time, his follow-on assignment changed three times. Not sure what happens if we move to that location, only to have it change...

Much thought will be needed before any decisions are made.



  1. Oh man!! I have a friend whose husband is leaving for Korea in January. She decided to stay here. Have you guys decided on what option to pick?? Trey extended for year 3, so we won't hear anything about what's next for a while.

  2. Well, it depends. Where is our follow-on assignment? Will I get this GS5 job I'm up for? Does the realtor think we can sell the house fairly easily/quickly?

    Too many things going on before we can really decide...