Monday, July 30, 2007

We made it!

So, we've arrived. Got the keys to the house today and furniture will be delivered later this week. Yahooo!

However, as great as things are going here in Kansas, things are going horribly bad back in South Carolina. We've had major issues with closing - in fact we haven't technically closed yet, even though we were all sitting around the closing table Friday morning. Long story short, we hope to finalize it this week. Please let it close all the way this week!

Justin has already timed how long it will take to walk from Sam's house to ours. *laugh* And since the school is between us, now he also knows how long it will take to get to school. That was very important for him. :)

Both Kaden and Cammi were AMAZING travelers. I knew Justin would be fine, he's always been great on long trips. K and C were unknowns. For Cammi, once we got about 45 minutes into the first day, she must have realized we were in it for the long haul and she hardly let out more than 10 meows the entire rest of the three-day drive. Whew! Kaden got a bit fussy a couple of times, but that's to be expected for a one-year old on a 18+ hour drive.

He's still not thrilled about getting in the car even today. I don't blame him. I'm pretty sick of it as well...


  1. Sorry I missed seeing you guys off. Kyan's therapy schedule is so incredibly demanding lately. Hope everything goes well with closing. Good luck in Kansas. If you see Sherry tell her I said hi!