Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been having some bizarre dreams lately.

1) Apparently I'm doing something in the business field. I show up to work and at the last minute, I'm asked to re-give a presentation. No problem! Someone even sets it up so that I can use my PalmPilot instead of the laptop - and wirelessly (not sure if that even is possible, and I don't even have a PalmPilot any more, but hey, it's a dream... ) I go to give the presentation, and all the people in the room are the same people that heard it the first time. So, I'm being all casual about it, but then things start getting weird. The PowerPoint isn't right. And the books people were given to follow along aren't right. And then I find that there's an auditorium FILLED with people that are listening to me give this presentation. Very professionally dressed people who are attending as part of a conference, and they're lost trying to follow along in this book (that isn't right) and my slides aren't right, and now I can't figure out how to cancel the whole thing, and who set me up for this??!!? And then I wake up. And spend the next half-hour trying to figure out how to professionally apologize for someone setting me up for failure without blaming anyone.

2) I'm a new teacher the day school starts. I'm in my classroom, thinkin' I'm on top of everything, when someone reminds me to check my mailbox in some office I didn't know about (that weirdly is attached to the cafeteria ). So, I get there and see the mailbox and can't figure out where mine is. Turns out it's arranged by the last three numbers of your social security number (in the dream, the last three weren't really my last three - I find that really funny for some reason), but stuck together in a box with others that have the same 4th-to-last digit. Oh. How silly of me to not understand that. And then it turns out there's a CRAPLOAD of stuff in there, paperwork galore that I have to take care of, and every time I get distracted in the pile and then look again at the box, there's even MORE stuff in there. And then I woke up.

I guess I'm a little more nervous about this whole student teaching thing than I realize?

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