Saturday, May 31, 2008

The fastest two weeks ever...

Darrell's R&R has come and gone. So, it's back to "normal" around here.

Justin's done for the school year. His summer is BOOKED - just finished a week at Cub Scout day came. Next up, mornings at a summer school program and afternoons at the zoo.

Kaden's second birthday party was low key and fun. We had Sam & The Gang over for munchies and cake. Kaden's favorite part? The balloons.

I'm working on my motivation level to start seriously moving on my thesis. Luckily, my advisor needs me to look over my data and come up with some basic thoughts. That, hopefully, will get me going.

I'm also itching to start running again. I had some minor surgery in mid-May and can't do much for another month or so. I knew it was coming, so I wasn't too upset with leaving my training behind earlier this year. But, strangely, I miss it. I'm thinking of finding a half marathon to sign up for. The 10K was fun, but the distance wasn't very challenging. I'm not yet in it for time, I'm wanting to work towards distance. The next six months are so are plenty open for lots of training. I'll never get a better opportunity. So, sounds like I need to find a race in late November or December.

After a quick Google, I found one:

Gobbler Grind Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K - Overland Park, KS - November 18th, 2007 (I'm going to assume they'll hold it again on a similar date...)

I should be up and running by mid-June, or late-June at the latest. That leaves me four and a half months to get back into shape. Definitely doable.

I'd love to find out more about the course...

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