Monday, June 09, 2008

Kaden's words

hi, bye, baby, uh-oh, mama, papa, eye, mouth, ear, nose, belly, hair, Mo (the cat), apple, banana, up, down, (sign) please, choo choo, ball, more, (sign) eat, (sign) more, hot!, all done, help, stuck, balloon (only he can't say the 'll's), monkey, drink, milk (only he calls all drinks milk, so he'll hand me his cup and say milk, but then gets mad if it's not juice I put in there), hot dog, green beans, truck (tuck), juice, cheek, elbow, brush, Elmo, dressed, shoes, duck, quack quack, trash, hat

So, 42 words/phrases so far, and pickin' up steam fast!

ETA: How did I forget Mine! and NO! ???

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