Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost a week?

It's been a crazy busy week:

Wednesday - packed up the little extended stay apartment, J's parent-teacher conference, we sign for our keys to the new place
Thursday - the movers are here!  Woo!  E comes to stay for the weekend
Friday - Darrell and I play musical cars dropping K and E off at day care, the three of us (Darrell, Justin, me) drive all over town getting errands done
Saturday - all the kids are home, Darrell babysits and organizes, I go out shopping for random organizing stuff and new window treatments for the boys' rooms
Sunday - see Saturday

E has been a joy to take care of these last few days.  Sure, she and Kaden go after the same toy occassionally, but Kaden has been very brave sharing his room and his things.  We've been having Justin and Kaden sleep in Justin's room, giving E her own space to sleep.  I know Justin is looking forward to having his room to himself, and I am positive Kaden wants his room back.  But, all three of them have behaved themselves wonderfully.  It's been fun getting to know E a little better.

Tomorrow, I have to get to work on stuff for school.  No more excuses.  I'll be so glad when all of my K-State responsibilities are OVER!

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  1. What a good friend you are, watching the little one! :)