Monday, February 09, 2009

Moving often disrupts our dining life...

One of the silly yet most challenging parts of being a military family and moving a lot are our dining choices.  We love a good Chinese buffet and a Mexican restaurant with fantastic cheese enchiladas.  Finding these diamonds in the rough can be expensive, as we try one place after another in our desperate attempt to find the new favorite places.

So far, we've been to one Chinese buffet.  Horrible.  Very few choices.  Not very tasty.  More expensive than it should have been for such a limited number of entre choices.  And so the search continues...

Now, I happen to be a member of a wonderful message board with ladies all over the country (and a few countries around the world).  I've recently hit a local gal for suggestions.  Score!  Now we can hopefully reduce the time and expense of finding some likely places to fill our 'favorite restaurant' category.  Thanks Elaine!

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