Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A much better day for Kaden...

Thank goodness.  

I stayed with him for about an hour at drop off time.  He wasn't happy about me leaving, but at least he was smiling and enjoying himself there before I told him I was going.

I stopped by at lunch and he was eating happily.  I got a big *thumbs up* from the lead teacher.

When I picked him up, they said he didn't cry a bit once he calmed down after I left.  He's still hanging back a little, but I'll take it!  Whew!


Darrell and I both had incredibly frustrating days.  Nothing that can't hopefully (eventually) get fixed, but irritating nonetheless.  We should find out his unit tomorrow.  I should find out what jobs I'm qualified for in the priority placement program (spousal preference for federal jobs on post).


I am SORE.  I went to the gym and ran/walked for five miles yesterday, and another run/walk/elliptical/lunges five and a half today.  Tossed in some crunches and modified pushups for the heck of it as well.  My legs are going to be screaming tomorrow.  It already hurts to sit.  Yeow!


While this extended stay apartment has been serving us nicely, I can't wait to get our stuff back and be living in our new place.  Next week!

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