Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Took a drive over to the new place today...

And it was open!  Score!  Let's go take a look!  Or so we thought. 

Turns out it was being painted.  Normally, I wouldn't care, but they were using the professional sprayers and I'm wearing purple (the walls are the usual rental boring white).  Bummer.

Anyway, we took a look around the building.  The gate in the backyard fence needs to be adjusted/fixed.  There's a cool playground directly behind the place (Kaden's going to LOVE it).  There's even a small basketball court with normal goals on two sides and shorter goals on the other.  I think we'll get Justin a basketball for his half-birthday in a few weeks.

We get the keys in just over a week.  I plan on going back and checking again over the next few days.  Maybe we can catch the carpet cleaners or something so we can take a look around.


Darrell and I also dropped by to see how Kaden is doing.  He calmed down in just a few minutes after I left this morning and has been doing fine since.  Even went outside without his blanket!  He's never been one to need his blanket, but it's sure been helpful for this transition.  A few more days and we won't even bring it with him any more.  Yay!


I should be getting a phone call from the guy at CPAC today about my job stuff.  *crossing fingers*  Darrell should be getting his unit info today.  *crossing fingers*  In reality, I doubt we'll have either happen...

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  1. Glad K is adjusting so much better now! I know it must be hard to leave him when you know he will be so upset.