Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hibiscus Half Marathon, here we come!

My only goal/resolution this year is to complete a half marathon before my 40th birthday.  Checking the Hawaii races list, it looks like the best bet is the Hibiscus Half Marathon in late May.  Darrell said he'd run it with me.  He's in good enough shape that he could run it tomorrow.  I... am not.

I'm not a fan of hills, but I suppose it could be worse.

I asked for and received a FitBit One for Christmas.  Today, I've taken over 15,000 steps.  My usual work day, not counting days I get in some exercise, is about 2500 steps.  I've been sedentary for quite a while.

I also have about thirty pounds I hope to lose.  I'm not making weight loss part of my resolution, but I will be eating less and moving more to assist in my race preparation.  I'm really hoping to get to 10 minute mile pace, and enjoy the training and the race enough to keep the running motivation going.  Is there a full marathon in my future?  Doubtful, but I certainly won't count it out.

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