Saturday, October 07, 2006

Work update

Dad mentioned to me a couple weeks back that he was waiting for my "third day of work" update. Oops. Sorry to keep him and the rest of you waiting so long. *laugh*

Work is going great. In fact, it's so easy to learn the job that I'm already bored out of my mind half the time. I just got another class to deal with on Friday, so I'll have a couple of days of solid work, but after that, it's back to thumb twiddling time. I don't know how I'm going to be able to deal with this. I'm used to keeping busy the whole time, but this job just doesn't have enough work for that.

Once they get me situated completely on the computer with all the passwords and such, I'll be able to do some online courses during my downtime. The army has something called eLearning - different from eArmyU - that I'm not only allowed to do during work, I'm encouraged to do during downtime at work. Most of the classes are business-related, some are computer-related (Microsoft and others), some are language-related (I'm thinking of taking the Arabic ones to refresh my memory). I've been asking coworkers to help them out, but they're reluctant to let me because they've learned out to pace themselves so they always have something to do. If they give me any projects, it takes stuff away from them. *laugh*

It's a nice easy job for now while I'm waiting out the rest of the pregnancy. I know I'll get bored out of my mind with it when I go back after maternity leave, but I'll deal with that then. I'll certainly be applying for other government jobs while I'm on leave...

Originally posted: Saturday April 29, 2006 - 05:13pm

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